We've racked up a lot of experience over the years through working in various industries, multiple countries, and applying different marketing strategies and workflow processes to fit each specific project. Let us help you by leveraging that knowledge and experience that can be applied from one industry to another. Who knows, maybe your business could run with fewer headcount, fewer locations, or fewer gaps in the supply chain. Whatever the case, there are always ways to streamline a work flow process and save your business money.

We are a boutique firm focusing on helping startups, small and medium sized businesses. Companies in these early development stages are the most vulnerable to failing so it's even more important to create efficiencies that are long lasting and reliable. You and your team have worked hard to get where you are and while there is a lot of work ahead, working smarter can get you and your team there faster.

Interested in going on a buying trip to China? We can help with that. We can plan and coordinate a trip so you can hit the ground running with the necessary tools to keep in touch with your team back home and with the paperwork and contacts you need to make your trip successful and seamless.

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