Panda Power is made up of several teams. Customer service operates out of Los Angeles and Pennsylvania so we can handle phone calls first thing in the morning and on the West coast when the East coast closes up for the day while product, sourcing, and design operates out of Hong Kong and Arizona.

Writing requirements for products, marketing campaigns, and doing market research to help customers is what we focus on most. Startups usually need sourcing and logistics help while established companies are looking for more ways to increase their business online or through traditional distribution channels or ways to minimize costs especially in this economy. We even help with organizing buying trips. If you are in a product-oriented business, we can organize a trip to ensure your trip is seamless. We will have a company representative meet you at Hong Kong International Airport with all the necessary tools you'll need to stay connected online and via voice. Depending on the needs of your trip, we can also have all the visa and other forms necessary for your trip ready so you can pass through customs easily.

Types of projects